Redefine & Align Online Course - Enrollment Open!

We want to help you STOP...

  • Feeling paralyzed and unable to make clear decisions during times of turbulence.

  • Feeling drained by relentless uncertainty, impacting your energy and productivity.

  • Feeling like your circumstances control you rather than being in the driver’s seat.


Introducing Redefine & Align

Redefine & Align is an innovative online learning program designed to equip individuals and teams with the tools they need to master their physiological response to uncertainty and efficiently navigate through the universal phases of change. In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, Redefine & Align transforms our experience with change, turning it from a daunting challenge into a growth opportunity. The course is built upon the knowledge imparted in our Reset & Rewire course, and when combined, they create a comprehensive journey of transformation.

Using scientifically-validated techniques, Executive Coach and Energy Catalyst, Lee Ann Del Carpio and Dr. Carla Stanton, a Family and Functional Medicine Doctor, teach you proven methods to navigate uncertainty with greater ease and efficiency. 

Master the art of navigating uncertainty through 3 simple steps:


Learn to pinpoint the energetic traps in the change experience and develop strategies to shorten the duration of navigating through uncertainty.


Foster physiological, emotional, and cognitive harmony in the face of uncertainty, in less time.


Master the 9 key skills for navigating through uncertainty, leveraging it as a catalyst for growth and fostering a culture of possibility thinking.

It all starts with your Physiology

Traditional approaches to managing uncertainty often lean heavily on logic, strategy and initial emotional management, neglecting our innate physiological responses that are actually driving our thoughts, feelings and actions. This oversight can frequently result in feelings of exhaustion and frustration. By understanding and working with your physiology, we help you navigate the process of change more efficiently, unlock greater levels of energy and productivity, and fuel both personal and professional growth.

Ready to improve your team or organization's mental and emotional well-being?

Meet the Creators

Lee Ann Del Carpio

Lee Ann is an Executive Coach and Organizational Energy Catalyst with over 20 years experience helping leaders and teams foster the capabilities needed to deliver results in the midst of an increasingly distributed, mobile, intelligent and participatory world. Through her work across multiple industries, Lee Ann has witnessed firsthand how the unparalleled uncertainty and ongoing disruption of our time has led to chronic stress at the individual, team and organizational level and impacts the decision-making clarity, communication effectiveness, and overall well-being of individuals globally. Her work leverages principles found in neuroscience of change to help people develop greater versatility and shorten the time to greater impact in a highly disrupted world.

Dr. Carla Stanton

Doctor Carla is a family physician and certified Functional Medicine Doctor from the UK. Realizing her medical training had taught her how to deliver outstanding care, but lacked any practical tools to support her personal wellbeing when faced with obstacles and uncertaintities, she committed to find another way. Dr Stanton now teaches others physiology-based approaches to calm and align the nervous system on demand. Her teachings, rooted in science and practical application, have helped countless individuals take charge of their energy, creating clarity and superior results when it really matters.

What’s Inside Redefine & Align?

This course has 3 video-based modules with corresponding worksheets, downloadable audios, research, resources - plus customizable elements.

  • The three common misconceptions when it comes to navigating uncertainty.
  • Overview of the 4 physiological phases of change. 
  • Getting the most out of this course.
  • Deconstructing the first physiological phase of change: Freeze. 
  • Unlocking and generating greater energy 
  • Learning the 3 skills to move into clarity and transition to the second physiological phase: Fight/Flight.
  • Deconstructing the second physiological phase of change: Fight/Flight
  • Creating more order in your physiology and tapping into new possibilities.
  • Learning the 3 skills to release and regenerate and transition into the third physiological phase: Flourish
  • Deconstructing the third physiological phase of change: Form
  • Anchoring into a new physiological baseline and creating long-term sustainable change. 
  • Learning the 3 skills to anchor into alignment and transition into the final physiological phase: Form
  • Audio downloads for each module to deepen your practice in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Redefine & Align signature workbook with practical application exercises.
  • Resources including recommended readings, research, & scientific tools.

Enhance Your Learning Experience

Amplify your learning of Redefine & Align by pairing it with our foundational course, Reset & Rewire. When experienced together, these courses create a synergistic learning journey that deepens your understanding and amplifies your growth.

Reset & Rewire introduces you to scientifically-backed strategies designed to transform stress and overwhelm into heightened energy and performance. By starting with Reset & Rewire, you lay a strong foundation, setting the stage for the advanced concepts explored in Redefine & Align. 

Discover more about Reset & Rewire here.


Redefine & Align is available for both individuals and corporate teams to learn how navigate uncertainty with greater speed and efficiency. Explore the options below to learn more.




This is for individuals who want to go through Redefine & Align at their own pace.

Over 20 videos lessons

Interactive Workbook

3 Audio Practices

Bonus Resources


Reset & Rewire + Redefine & Align



This is for individuals who want to maximize learning and results by going through the complete journey at a discounted price.

Over 50 video lessons

Interactive Workbook

7 Audio Practices

Bonus Resources




This is for teams/groups who want to have the course customized and privately facilitated. Minimum 75 participants.

Program Customization

Group Orientation & Facilitation

Live Q&A Sessions

Over 30 Video Lessons

Self-Guided Workbook

4 Audio Practices

Printable Resources


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